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Involve Africa is a Pan- African youth driven development organization working to increase and strengthen young people’s involvement in governance processes, social progress and peace building in Africa. Involve Africa is committed to empowering young Africans (male, female & socially excluded groups) to play a critical role in Africa’s development by strengthening their participations in governance policy and processes, redirect young peoples' skill, intellect, resilience and energy to solve Africa’s governance and development challenges.

about us

An Africa driven by youthful leaders with the core principles of good governance and social transformation.


To educate, engage and empower young people through public policy dialogues, advocacy, capacity-building and research in order to promote youth participation in democratic governance processes and Africa’s Social Progress

Thematic areas
  • Governance Process
    • Citizens Engagement
    • Electoral Awareness
  • Social Progress

Our Works

Advocacy and Campaign
Capacity Buildings
Research and Publications
Public Policy and Development Dialogues
Learning Interventions

Our Programmes

National Youth Dialogue on the SDGs

The 2030 Agenda for sustainable Development, adopted in 2015, is the international community's ambitious response to today's most pressing global development challenges and will guide our development priorities for an entire generation. Youth people played a key role in shaping this agenda and experience first-hand many of the issues it seeks to address.

The Nigeria’s National Dialogue on the sustainable development to host young persons deploying intervention within the 36 States and across the six geo-political zones of Nigeria on any or related goals of the global goals for development with the object of educating them more about SDGs mainstreaming, implementation, monitoring and Evaluation as well as experience shareing of the goals.

Voice To The Youth (V2Y)

Young persons are indispensable ingredients of our today's democracy as they represent at least two thirds of the votes. The voices of the youth are the mandate political office holders enjoy at all levels of government. Days are gone when young people are only recruited during election to create violence and terrorise those opposing their pay masters. Youth are now the engine and again drivers of our inclusive democracy as they determine the tune and dimensions of the political space.

The Voice to the Youth (V2Y) is a good governance project supporting Youth of States in the Southwest region of Nigeria to take ownership of their own development by raising their voices to demand the rights and services to which they are entitled, driving accountability among their leaders and taking part in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

Legislature - Youth Engagement

The legislature is not only a symbol of democracy but also the participatory space of development. As an arm of government, the legislature provides critizens the opportunity to participate in law making and oversight of the other arms of government projected to accountability in public governance.

This program is developed as a strategy of enhancing legislative accountability through effective youth participation in legislative processes. The program recognizes the critical role of legislators in governance and nation building hence the initiative to provide strategic support to enhance their performance. Furthermore, this program targets citizens’ engagement with elected representatives in legislative arm of government at the local, state and national level

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